Your craft paint project might include painting wood, furniture, rocks or glass and there are specialty paints for all of these. To get serious about your craft painting we think you should add the following four types of paint because they all offer different uses and finishes.

  1. FolkArt Chalk paint. Why? Because chalk paint goes on easily, requires little to no surface preparation and it provides a matte finish. Chalk finish paint is hugely popular right now.
  2. Enamel paint. Why? Because enamel paint is extremely durable and provide a great finish on ceramic and glass. Glass painting is also very popular and if you are looking for a paint that can help you make a one of a kind glass paint project, enamel is what you need.
  3. Multi Surface craft paint. Why? Becasue it is so versatile. Multi Surface gives you the flexibility to paint on almost anything so if this is the only paint you own, it will most likely work on whatever you are painting on.
  4. Glitterific. Why? Because everyone loves glitter! Glitter paint is incredibly trendy and will transform a project.