We love testing new products at TheThriftyCrafter and we were really excited to get the Apple Barrel Pouring Medium. We use Apple Barrel paints on a regular basis because they are high quality and the price is budget friendly.The same holds true for the pouring medium.We are very happy with the quality of the product and how it worked.

We tested it on a few small projects and it kept the colors separated beautifully so that when we poured it onto our surface, we had a very unique design that couldn't be achieved by using a paint brush. The end result was a natural flowing look with all of the colors from our design swirled together in a beautiful marbled look.

Apple Barrel pouring medium will work on wood, canvas and other paintable surfaces and adding the pouring medium will not alter the adhesion properties of the paint. This means that you can get a swirled painted look on many surfaces.

We think this is a great product to use because the results are always unique and you don't need to have artistic ability to end up with a beautiful project. You simply mix the medium with the colors you want, pour it out on the surface and move it slowly to allow the paint to run. Let dry and there it is...a beautifully unique masterpiece!

TheThriftyCrafter is selling both the 8 and 16 ouce versions of this product and you can see them in our shop by clicking on the images below.

Bottle image 16 oz Apple Barrel Pouring Medium

Image of bottle 8 oz pouring medium